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    -TDS Phase #1 of the project is updating all of the outside plant for the broadband project. This is schedule to be completed by October 1, 2017. At that time TDS customers should start noticing better/faster broadband services.
    -TDS Phase #2 of the project is updating the electronics in the central office and remote locations for the broadband project to provide 25 meg down and 3 meg up broadband speeds. This will be completed prior to October, 2018. About the time that Phase #2 is completed TDS will be doing a marketing or public relations campaign advertising the higher broadband speeds. New Broadband packages with the high speeds will be rolled out then.
    -Town of Berry residents that do not have TDS Broadband service can call TDS in October, 2017 and see what speeds are available at their location.
    -Go to https://tdstelecom.com/networkupgrades.html and enter your address for more specific information.

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