Town of Berry Parks Committee Meeting

Thursday April 21, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall 9046 Hwy 19, Mazomanie, WI. 53560




1. Call to order:


2. Approve minutes from October 15th, 2015 Meeting


3. Public Comments: You may address the Committee on any item on the Agenda. A Discussion Item may be placed on a future Agenda.


4. Budget Report. (hard copy)


5. Discussion on recently completed Projects.


6. Discussion-Action on Reed Canary Grass Control in Park


7. Discussion Future Improvements, Possible Goals and Marking Soccer

    Field, other.


8. Future Meeting Dates


9. Adjourn.



Persons requiring additional services to participate in a public meeting

Should contact the Town Clerk at the Town Hall, 9046 Hwy 19,

Mazomanie WI. 53560.  767-4152  twn


Posted: 4/12/16                       Brenda Kahl, Clerk/Treasurer