Town of Berry Parks Committee Meeting

Thursday April 21, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall 9046 Hwy 19, Mazomanie, WI. 53560




1. Call to order:  Meeting Called to Order 7:00 p.m. Present: Handschke, Hook, Kruchten, McDonald. Excused: Kahl


2. Approve minutes from October 15th, 2015 Meeting

    Moved by Hook, seconded by McDonald to approve minutes from October 15th, 2015 meeting: Motion carried


3. Public Comments: You may address the Committee on any item on the Agenda. A Discussion Item may be placed on a future Agenda. - There were no Public Comments


4. Budget Report. (hard copy) : Hard Copy of Park Fund Balance and copy of 2015 Park Expenses was distributed.


5. Discussion on recently completed Projects: Handschke reported two plants have died or are dying on side of Town Hall, will see about possible replacement. One white oak ( toward highway ) looks ok, other will need to be monitored as summer approaches. It may need to be replaced.

Park identification sign meets approval and will remain as is.

The burning of the Prairie will not happen this year because the window has closed on burning. New growth is very strong and would set-back some species. Weather did not cooperate this year. Suggestion made to obtain a daytime permit next year.


6. Discussion-Action on Reed Canary Grass Control in Park: Motion by Handschke, second by McDonald to approve Integrated Restoration LLC. Estimate of $850.00 for reed canary grass control in Kahl Halfway Prairie Town Hall Park. Motion was approved.


7. Discussion Future Improvements, Possible Goals and Marking Soccer

    Field: Consensus was that before The Park Committee spends the time and dollars necessary to mark, line and install goals on the field, we should ask Town Residents for their feed-back with a article in the newsletter. Fear is that money would be spent and there would be no use of the field.


8. Future Meeting Dates: no future date was set. Next meeting to be at the discretion of the committee or chair.


9. Adjourn: Motion by Hook, second by Handschke to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting Adjourned.


Submitted by  Joe Kruchten