Town of Berry Parks Committee Meeting

Tuesday July 15, 2014 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall 9046 hwy 19, Mazomanie WI.




1. Meeting called to Order at 7:00 P.M. Present: Kent McDonald, Dick Handschke,

     Kendall Kahl, Tim Hook, Joe Kruchten


2. Motion by McDonald, seconded by Handschke to approve minutes from June 3, 2014

     Meeting. Motion carried. 5-0


3. Public Comments. There were no Public Comments.


4. Discussion/Action on Sidewalk between Shelter and Sidewalk on the East Side of the

     Town Hall. Kruchten reported having not a lot of success obtaining Bids for the

     Project. At this point we have received one Bid for a significant amount more that

     What was budgeted. After some discussion, consensus was that we be patient as we

     Get closer to Fall we may have better results.

      Kruchten reported that the Staining Project on The Shelter went well and a huge

      Thanks to the Committee and to David Lucey.


5. Motion by McDonald, second by Kahl, to Take the Landscape Improvement Plan,

     Presented by Handschke, to Bid Process. The Plan is for upgrading schrubs, filling in

     Around The Town Hall up to Grade level, installing new borders of small stone with

     New edging on all sides of the Building, repairing downspout drainage and lifting and

     Leveling of the Air Conditioner Unit. The Bid will have a secondary part-To supply

     And plant two shade trees ( probably swamp oak ) , to the South and West of The

     Town Hall and Shelter. After some discussion, The Committee felt that the Town

     Board should be asked to participate in some of the cost using the Town Hall Budget,

     Rather than all of the cost of the project coming out of the Parks Budget.

     Motion for the Landscape Plan Passed: 5-0


6. Other Business:  There was no other Business


7.Future Meeting Dates. Consensus was that the next Meeting would be called at the

    Discretion of the Chair.


8. Adjourn. Motion by Kahl, second by Hook to Adjourn. Motion carried 5-0