Cross Plains Berry Fire District

Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2017


         Meeting called to order by District President Jay Lengfeld at 8:00 pm.

         Present: Jay Lengfeld, Jeff Davis, Joe Kruchten, Michael Statz, Greg Hyer, Pat Andreoni, Bill Brosius, Greg Haack and Fire Chief Dale Lochner

         Absent: Vera Riley

         No Public Comment


o   District President

         Jay Lengfeld announced that he is not running for re-election

o   Report of Fire Chief

         Engine replacement project is on its way. Going to the manufacturer in May to approve the Prints. Delivery date around October.

         Apparatus handed-out of what is currently in stock.

         HVAC is a Trane propriety system. Having an issue with controller. Looking at doing something new that is not propriety system. Up in the $18,000 range to replace unit and controller. Boilers are 14 years old.

         Handed out run reports for 2016.

         Three firefighters retired at the end of 2016.

         Talked about change of officers and a new officer joined the force.

         Co-hosting a Farm rescue class with the County Farm Bureau on May 20th.

o   Officer Comments - None

         Discussion and Action to approve the minutes from the regular Fire District Board meeting held November 22, 2016. Motion Greg Hyer, 2nd Jeff Davis Approved

         Discussion and Action to Approve Financials

         Motion by Jeff Davis 2nd by Pat Andreoni Approved
Discussion and Action to 2016 Budget Final Motion Joe Kruchten, 2nd Jeff Davis Approved

         Discussion and Action Fire District Agreement - Town of Cross Plains has adopted. Village of Cross Plains and Town of Berry need to vote on it. Table item to the May 2017 Fire District Meeting.


Next meeting: Tuesday February 28, 2017 at 8:00 PM.


Adjourn 8:39 PM


Respectfully submitted

Bill Brosius


May 4, 2017