State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tony Evers                                          217

Lowell E Holtz                                   72

Justice of the Supreme Court

Annette Ziegler                                   194

Court of Appeals Judge, District 4

Michael R Fitzpatrick                         199

Circuit Court Judge, Branch 9

Richard G Niess                                  197

Circuit Court Judge, Branch 12

Marilyn Townsend                              102

Jill J Karofsky                                     165

County Executive

Joe Parisi                                             225

Town Board Chairperson

Anthony Varda                                   241

Town Board Supervisor Seat 1

Jeff Davis                                            231

Town Board Supervisor Seat 2

Michael H Statz                                  221

Jacob D Niesen                                   62

Middleton Cross Plains Area School District

School Board Member Area II

Bob Green                                           95

School Board Member Area IV

Paul Kinne                                          65

Annette Ashley                                   72                               

Sauk Prairie School District

School Board Member

Rich Judge                                          0

Steven Sprecher                                  0

Wisconsin Heights School District

School Board Member

Mary Beth Schall                                89

James Kartman                                    77

Beverly Rousch                                   73

Wisconsin Heights School District Referendum

Shall the Wisconsin Heights School District, Dane and Iowa Counties, Wisconsin be authorized to exceed the revenue limit specified in Section 121.91, Wisconsin Statutes, by $1,883,767 for the 2017-2018 school year and by $2,227,435 for the 2018-2019 school year for nonrecurring purposes consisting of sustaining educational programming and operational expenses?

Yes                                                      116

No                                                       68