Applications for Permits


Permit applications are available in pdf files and listed alphabetically below. If you have questions, contact the Town Clerk at 608-767-4152 or

Mail completed permit applications to the Town of Berry, 9046 State Road 19, Mazomanie, WI 53560 or deliver to the town office. If a fee is due, make the check payable to the Town of Berry.


Activities in the Town Road Right-of-Way Permit

No person shall make any excavation, or fill, or install any culvert, or make any other alteration, or deposit or store materials in any Town Road right-of-way, or in any manner disturb any highway or bridge without a permit thereof from the Town. Installation of a mailbox or newspaper tube, harvesting of trees, mowing, recovering of gravel washed onto town road or right-of-way, cleaning manure or debris that has fallen in the right-of-way, repair or regrading of existing driveway or field road to return to original condition and control of invasive weeds, will not require a permit.

Permit for Activities in the Town Road Right-of-Way. Submit completed application to the Town Office. The permit application requires approval of the Town Chair.


Building Permits

A Land Use Permit is required prior to obtaining a Town Building permit. Permits from other regulatory agencies such as Dane County Land & Water Resources, Madison/Dane County Public Health, Dane County Highway Department, and/or State Department of Transportation may be needed prior to a Land Use Permit being issued. A Jurisdiction Review Form shall be submitted and reviewed along with the Land Use Permit application. Land Use Permits are required for any building over 120 square feet in size, or any modifications or expansion of existing structures. At the same time submit a rural address request form to Dane County Planning & Development Zoning Division to receive your property address number. A separate Zoning Change Application approval is required if you are changing the use of any existing building on the property or changing the zoning of the property.

Land Use Permit application form and instructions.After filling in the application form, submit to the Town office and/or General Engineering.


Contact SAFEbuilt at 1-800-422-5220 for all questions pertaining to a Town building permit.

* Application to apply for a Town building permit for all structures

Uniform Building Permit Application.Submit completed application to SAFEbuilt.


What needs a Town building permit?

Except as otherwise provided herein, no owner or contractor may commence construction of any building, portion of a building, or mechanical system prior to obtaining a valid permit from the municipal building inspector.

The construction which shall require a building permit includes, but is not limited to:

* New buildings including detached structures (decks) and accessory buildings over 32 square feet in floor area.

* Additions that increase the physical dimensions of a building including decks.

* Alterations to the building structure, cost shall include market labor value.

* Alteration of plumbing, HVAC or electrical systems.

* An electrical wiring for new construction or remodeling.

* Any HVAC for new construction or remodeling.

* Any plumbing for new construction or remodeling.

* Agricultural buildings – Administrative permit only – no inspections.  (Agricultural buildings are defined as agricultural barns, agricultural sheds, or agricultural accessory structures located on A-1 exclusive zoned property.)


What doesnotrequire a Town building permit?

The following construction activities shall not require a building permit:

* Re-siding, re-roofing and finishing of interior surfaces, replacement of windows, installation of cabinetry and minor repairs.  Notwithstanding this section, however a permit accompanied by structural load-bearing calculations shall be required for re-roofing a building if the proposed re-roofing would constitute a third or more layer of roofing.

* Normal repairs and replacements of HVAC, plumbing and electrical equipment or systems such as replacing switches, receptacles, light fixtures, dimmers, furnace, air conditioning, garbage disposal, water heater and water softener.

* Construction of accessory buildings of less than 32 square feet in floor area and not served by any utility (excluding telephone).   


Burning Permits

State law requires burning permits in the Extensive Fire Protection Area (EFPA) from January 1st through May 31st unless the ground is completely snow-covered where the burning will take place. Only fires used exclusively for the purposes of cooking food or warming the body do not require a burning permit. Permits are free and may be obtained in several ways. DNR offices or volunteer Emergency Fire Wardens can prepare a permit for you. Stop at the town office to fill one out. Or, prospective burners may go online at or call the toll free hot-line (1-888-947-2876) to have a permit mailed or instantly emailed to you.


It is safest to burn when the humidity and wind speeds are down, and when the ground is snow covered. Hours when burning is allowed is from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. If your brush pile has the potential to produce a large quantity of smoke, it's best to let your Sheriff Department and Fire Department know. This cuts down on unnecessary fire department and DNR fire response calls.


Sheriff Department West Precinct: 608-267-4936
Black Earth Fire District Non-Emergency: 608-767-3949
Cross Plains-Berry Fire District Non-Emergency: 608-798-3241


If you have any questions regarding burning, location of Emergency Fire Wardens, or permit information call the DNR Fire Control office in Poynette at 608-635-8121. Or call 1-888-WIS BURN (947-2876) or visit for daily burning restrictions


Conditional Use Permit Application

A conditional use permit (CUP) is an approval by the Town Board for certain specific uses listed in the Town of Berry Zoning Ordinance. Within each zoning district there are uses that are permitted by right, and other uses allowed only under certain conditions. A CUP is needed for any use identified in the zoning ordinance as a conditional use.

Conditional Use Permit Application. Submit completed application to the Town Office. This application requires approval by the Town Town Board.

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Cycle Road Event Permit

Organizers of all cycle events (including motorcycle rides and rallies) and of bicycle rides, rallies and races large enough to disrupt the normal flow of traffic or resident’s access to town roads, normally about fifty- (50) cycles must obtain a permit from the town. Cycle events are covered in detail in Policy 201.1 which is available in the Government/Ordinances & Policies tab of this web site.

Cycle Road Event Permit. Submit completed application to the Town Office. The permit requires Town Board approval.


Driveway Construction Permits

Driveway construction and modifications, along with Field Road and Trail permits are covered in detail in Ordinance 301.1 which is available in the Government/Ordinances & Policies tab of this web site. It covers the procedures and requirements for nearly everything related to driveways, field roads and trails in the Town of Berry.

Driveway and Construction Permit Application

Field Road Construction Permit Application

Trail Permit Application

Applications Guide

Submit completed applications to the Town Office. This application requires approval of the Town Board.

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Fireworks Permit

Fireworks permits will be issued for individuals or organizations of individuals over the age of 18. Permits shall be issued in accordance with State Statute 167.10(3). Fireworkds permits are covered in detail in Ordinance 203.1 which is available in the Government/Ordinances & Policies tab of this web site.

Fireworks Permit. Submit completed application to the Town Office. The permit requires Town Chair approval.


Zoning Change Application

A petition to rezone is a request to change either the zoning district designation of your parcel or to adjust the zoning district boundaries on your property. Rezoning may be necessary if your proposed use or structure does not meet the requirements of your current zoning district. Among other factors, consistency with the recommendations of the Town Zoning Ordinance, Town Comprehensive Plan and County Farmland Preservation Plan will be important in the review of your rezoning request.

Jurisdiction Review Form

Zoning Change Application

Agreement for Reimbursable Services by Petitioner, Applicant or Property Owner

Submit completed applications/forms to the Town Office. These applications requires approval by the Town Board. Review the meeting schedule link below.

Meeting Schedule


Variance Application

A variance is an exception to the requirements of the zoning ordinance. Variances are generally limited to setbacks or other dimensional requirements. The standards for granting a variance are very strict; they are only approved when unique or unusual conditions prevent strict compliance with the requirements of the ordinance. You must demonstrate a unique physical or other unusual condition beyond your control, other than economic hardship to be eligible for a variance. Furthermore, the Town only grants variances when they are consistent with the spirit of the ordinance, the character of the surrounding neighborhood, and the public interest.

Variance Application. Submit completed application to the Town Office. This application requires approval by the Town Board.

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Weight Limit Permits

A Weight Limit Permit is needed when the Town posts weight limits on Town Roads.

Permit Application and Indemnification Agreement


The Single Trip Overweight Permit and the Multiple Trip Overweight Permit will be given to you by the Town Chair or Highway Superintendant after the Permit Application and Indemnification Agreement is submitted to the Town. Submit completed application to the Town Office. This application requires approval of the Town Chair.

Single Trip Overweight Permit

Multiple Trip Overweight Permit