Town Berry Events

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Town residents and the public are usually welcome to attend meetings of the board and various committees, please check the calendar to see if something of interest is scheduled. If you would like to attend, please contact Brenda at 767-4152 to confirm the time or if you have specific questions.

There are some annual events that are becoming traditions in the Town of Berry, such as the Plant Swap in May. Residents bring extra cuttings of plants to exchange and give to others attending. Volunteers bring their extra seeds, seedlings, perennials, cuttings, pots, tools and garden doo-dads for exchange and just to give them away. 

Typically a morning event that takes place at the Town Hall allowing visitors to check out the variety of plants growing in our Kahl Halfway Prairie Park. Check your March Newsletter each year for information or call Brenda at the Town Hall at 767-4152 to volunteer. Plant lovers may also be interested in the Town of Berry Backyard Club

In April every year we have our annual roadside clean-up if you and your friends would like to volunteer. There are also annual pancake breakfasts at the fire stations, and chicken and pork dinners at churches in the Town that are usually listed in the News-Sickle-Arrow and our monthly newsletter.

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