Annual Meeting

State statutes require that Towns have a minimum of two “town meetings” each year. The first, held in April, is called the “annual town meeting”. It often includes a report by the chair on what has transpired in the town during the preceding year. It provides an opportunity for residents of the town (called electors for the purpose of town meetings) to comment on any issues facing the town. Items that can be discussed or acted on at the annual meeting are not constrained by the published agenda. Motions passed at the town meetings that deal with areas reserved by law for electors become official town actions. Resolutions in other areas are advisory for the board. All residents are welcome to provide input.

The second, usually held in late October or early November, is a special town meeting to review the proposed budget and set the annual levy for the following year.

Read the Town Meeting page for more details.

Review the agenda for the April 16, 2024 Annual Town Meeting

Review the draft minutes from the April 16, 2024 Annual Town Meeting

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